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Are u going to Drink — Stupid ???

Whart ? I mean, what? One of my teeth was missing, hence my articulation suffered, sometimes…

I’m not! I yelled to myself, not to him of course. I am a moderate man.

I am not Stupid! And I am certainly not going to drink Stupid. I thought to myself.

Then I took a Drink. The taste was awful. Not bitter, but somehow slimy. It was about room temperature — outside, I mean. Drink-Stupid is so funny.

You must be out of your fucking mind! You have no idea what they put on that!

I don’t care! Fuck you, I do what ever I like! And what do you care, anyhow!

I didn’t care. He was correct. But I was concerned. I really was. He didn’t know it, but I actually loved him. Maybe more than the whole universe.

The NOLA Project’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ is pretty perfect in every way | Arts | nola.com

Schizophrenia is often considered to be hard to treat and many still consider it being even uncurbable. Yes, you may learn to handle it, but it can still be a rocky and long road. There is a wide spectrum of medications available, but they carry as a rule several side effects as weight gain, suppression of emotions and even increased suicidal behaviours. They do can suppress the symptoms efficiently, but is the patient really cured from the core issues of the sickness?

Who would even be interested in any core issues if the symptoms are gone? With respect of society…

(1107) Britney Spears — …Baby One More Time (Official Video) — YouTube

I have worked in user-centric design for over 20 years. Some of the lessons I taught in my courses was that users usually don’t know too much of anything (still some might), they often set much too excessive and contradictory requirements and that they don’t know the product or service that has not been designed yet… SURPRISE !

My claim is that irritating students (or in the case of Medium, the readers) is generally not outrageous at all. It might be surprising but in general there is no need to please anybody. Excluding the begging of acceptance, money or love…

Download Best Applications for iPhone in 2021 — TechThirsty

It is very common that folks waste their time on mobile phones getting only a thin return to support true fun or even facing the more serious life requirements. There is nothing wrong with entertainment or knowing solid facts but what about if you could enjoy the multiple capabilities of your phone at the same time when your life advances as well? It can be fun too!

Think seriously if the monthly services you are using are really worth the money. There are often much more cost- effective or totally free alternatives. For instance I replaced Adobe Acrobat with Drawboard…

Disclaimer: Intention of this text is not to nullify or remove any of the value of the Bible.


For believers: You might not be totally correct even in your interpretation of the Bible. Ì suppose most of you are humans after all and therefore enabled to commit errors at all levels.

For regular folks: History and culture do create and support values still they might not seem to make sense especially from some foreign perspective if hastily inspected. Generally, for honest, effective and loving decision making the more you know the better. Then it is up to you if…

(1184) Jannika B — Pyyntö | Vain elämää — YouTube

Jannika B is an interesting Finnish-Swedish singer- songwriter. ‘A Wish’ is her touching Contribution for Human Rights and especially for Children's’ rights.

When we were just born our heart was totally open and the joy of life was self-evident. It is obvious that any harmful soul pollution starts to build-up in early childhood with the nearest of you. ‘A Wish’ concerns this matter. In the video the child performing from the tape is her daughter. I provide hereby my brief translation of the lyrics:

A Wish

Thought I’m tiny

I wish to understand
Please listen to me

My mistakes will…

(1175) American Beauty (1999) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers — YouTube

Are you sick and tired of not-so-competent or even harmful people around you? Don’t you also worry they might be, after all, not at all totally perfect? Do you feel them posing a serious threat to your status of power or your true ideas of the ultimate truth and how it needs to be realized?

The very smart folks in the US do know the remedy for the threat of the truly harmful people, and you should too. Your worries can soon be over. You can send these folks straight away to the heavens! No need to wait anymore!


Germany floods: Where are the worst-hit areas? — BBC News

This is the introduction for a series of stories inspecting our current role in the eve of our potential mass destruction.

I was reading a news clip from the recent flash-flooding (mid-July 2021) in Europe showing huge canyons carved by the running waters. There were only few houses having only modest set of solar panels on the roof. It looked ridiculous compared to the damage done. Is this really enough? Why there are no solar panels on the other houses?

World population living conditions are generally now far better than ever before but the same does not apply to our…

Selecting harmony is a conscious choice. Human’s responsibility can’t be outsourced to any 3rd party. Human is doomed to freedom. There are ways to get yourself more aware of the true world and yourself too.

The Portrait of Siri — Original Art by the Story Author

Zen — Buddhism is an ancient healing and interaction technique of psychotherapy aiming via discussions to help to find a better balance. This is my definition but many others also agree. For instance Alan Watts who wrote the book Psychotherapy East & West. Note especially that Zen is not a religion, hence there is also no need for the explicit God. …

Timo O. Korhonen

Generalist and Professional Amateur Specialized in Arts and Sciences. Hobbies: Telecom Tech & Service, Usability Design, Consciousness, Philosophy

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