A screen capture from the Netflix original title ‘Annihilation’

In science fictions, it has been more a rule than an exception to describe the aliens as hostile, very bad guys. Netflix new title, ‘Annihilation’ makes anyhow some interesting twists in this genre. There is no need to reveal anything about the story-line here explicitly. You may see the movie by yourself for more in-depth ideas. However, it seems that the organic nature and truly superior out-of-the-earth culture are here to be faced.

The audience is respected with stunning computer graphics that serve the plot perfectly. Casting could not be improved either. The world of sounds is ultimately mastered. The movie is not about money, guns or power, more about human mind, connections, consciousness and … and, of course about love, maybe now, in a truly bigger sense. Characters represent realistic persons with heart and soul. They are not mechanical plastic dolls, that is much too common in the top-of-the-notch Hollywood mega-money-effect movies.

The idea that the ETs may deviate from us in so many ways we can hardly even imagine at all, is taken in this movie seriously. The logic behind these superior beings turns for the first look to be totally absurd, ultimately disturbing and also very destructive in a massive scale. The audience is anyhow left with some time to think about what this all actually means, and after all, what it truly takes to understand!

The director doesn’t underestimate abilities of the audience to follow the fine plot that rewards you with stunning impressions. Many traditional conventions of our world description have in this movie novel interpretations. What is organic and what is not organic ? What is position of humans on planet earth ? Are humans insignificant or significant ? What is actually truly significant, if anything ?

In the universe, there is no lack of any resources, this seems to be know to the ETs we are faced here. The idea of war is ultimately pointless because there is nothing to win. It is as absurd, if you go to a beach and start yelling the birds: Get out of here, I’m not loving you anymore ! (In case you have just cleaned you head from some related waste products of these creatures, actually much, much older than the humankind!) Or, if you say: I just love fish ! And then you eat it !

The movie is much about courage. It takes guts to face the unknown. Courage can actually be a leading note in any human life too. If some deeper life understanding and true added value for your fellow humans can be created, that can be expected to build up some true meanings too!

It is often seen, that if a person is find to be terminally ill, life values have a tendency to change. In this case, most persons start quite automatically respect the current moment much more than in their busy, earlier life. Suddenly the value network you have built up is dramatically altered. Often new kind of courage turns up to dominate the rest of your life. In ‘Annihilation’ the fear that is faced by interacting the ET is generating similar effects. So, one can say that this movie is also very profoundly about death too.

In this era of overwhelming evidence of extra-dimensional crafts and encounters of many kinds, the idea of ETs is much more realistic than ever before in human history. It is quite clear that it is expected we humans need to clean up our own mess, not too much help can be provided by the ETs. Humankind and planet’s organic nature in general seems to be mostly a research subject. Our role is not much more than that.

Direct contact with ETs is unlikely. Most likely there is a fear (!) of information leakage of the superior technology that we would surely misuse if that knowledge would be provided for us. (Don’t give any matches to a kid!) Also, our thinking needs to develop naturally, because there are so many new concepts that fundamentally contradict all we think nowadays. Also, too much truly novel information could totally overwhelm us, create panic and make us feel unnecessarily unimportant. So, there are very good reasons for the stealth operations of ETs obviously now in progress!

The ‘Annihilation’ tries in terms of science fiction change our world-view from the hostile aliens to something else. Not necessarily to some friendly aliens either … but something more. The movie is maybe saying: Humans, please try to grow up … and if you don’t …you will self-destruct! And, if this turns out to be the case, we are well prepared for that option too!